Capacity Building Services

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Shane’s expertise can be applied to all areas of your organization (Education, Health, Economic Development, Administration, Community Planning, Governance, Etc). Consultation can focus on independent projects, organization directives, or a combination of both.

Strategic Planning – Strategic Planning is  focused on vision, mission, values, and goals. Stakeholders are identified and expectations are clearly defined to indicate how we reach desired outcomes. Collaboration, transparency, accountability, and communication is the foundation throughout the process. Ideal for Directors, Department Managers, and Chief and Council. 

Staff Development – Staff Development is focused on both the individual and the staff as a holistic unit. Technology, assessment, professional development, team building and collaboration are the focus areas. Ideal for anyone involved in Human Resources, Newly Created Programs, and Department Restructuring.

Organization Cohesiveness – Organization Cohesiveness is focused on community, school, or department leaders who wish to break away from static routines and want to experience transformation with their community/school/organization. Ideal for situations that require ALL Stakeholder Involvement at various capacity levels.

Results-Based Leadership – Results-Based Leadership is focused on success, community involvement, and improving program capacity; to incorporate and manage these principles within strategic plans on an annual basis. Ideal for Directors, Department Managers, and Chief and Council.

The length of time needed to successfully meet the needs for each session will vary for each community — size, location, and available resources will guide our journey.Servant Leadership


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