Organizational Coaching

Success concept.

Through Transformational Servant Leadership practices Shane will coach organizations and key staff with their journey to ensure every opportunity for success and self-sufficient futures are made available to their stakeholders. There is no one template fits all approach with Shane’s “E.S.I. – Education Support Initiative” as each organization has its own set of values and beliefs that are unique from any other. Shane’s exclusive E.S.I. will build on current foundations to serve departments that seek to enhance capacity and would like to create strategic plans for successful execution.

Focus Areas of Shane’s E.S.I. include:how-to-achieve-success

  • Strategic Planning
  • Implementation Plans
  • Staff Development
  • Family/Community Involvement
  • Relationships/Teamwork
  • Capacity Building (Education/Training)
  • Local Education Agreements
  • Language and Culture
  • Post-Secondary Opportunities
  • INAC Revenue and Program Supports

When strategic leadership and results-based outcomes are incorporated with Shane’s E.S.I. the success rate for those involved will prove significant increase on an annual basis. This will provide your stakeholders with increased communication, transparency, and accountability practices.


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