Striving for Excellence

A professional colleague said something to me about 15 years ago that I remind myself often of in both my personal and professional interactions…he said something like this…you’re focused on excellence when you target the process. 

The key foundational factor with all objectives or tasks should be focused on the “quality” of our efforts, and equally important is the interdependency of stakeholders letting you know if “quality” is both high caliber and achieved.

“Striving for Excellence” is results-based leadership that targets gaps and creates measurable opportunities for sustainable futures; reaching out to those we serve and asking to identify areas for improvements so that we can strategically execute “quality” measurable outcomes through effective collaboration, transparency, accountability, sustainability, and communication plans.

Striving for Excellence is not defined by leaders who address opportunities with promises to act…it’s about leaders being proactively engaged with stakeholders who execute “quality processes” to benefit those they serve.

How do you strive for excellence…by addressing it or by acting on it?


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