Nurturing Communication

A recent strategic initiative of mine is creating an Indigenous Transitional Framework that is infused with a traditional education and training process for people who find themselves caught within the incarceration system — targets Registered Status Indians of Canada and involves numerous stakeholders/partner groups. While the front-end investment of this project in itself has numerous communication strategies within the structure it is primarily a “reactive” plan as solutions focus on the concerns already in motion. The reason for this post, which also serves a purpose in the overall framework mentioned above, is planting a seed for the “proactive” plan for youth.

One common factor for youth who fall through the cracks is the lack of nurturing communication experiences they have had throughout their lives. This can occur in all environments; however, research suggests these situations are higher for those who are involved or exposed to Foster Care Systems, Poverty, and/or Dysfunctional settings. Nurturing Communication can be seen as both a reactive and proactive solution depending on what lens you are wearing for each situation at hand. We need to press systems to challenge status quo policies/procedures and collaborate with those of influential status to create results-based initiatives.

The reality is that it is just good behavioural practice for everyone to get into the habit of doing — the article below suggests you can never start too early and I would add it is never too late — it takes a system to change a system so the question is what system are you a part of?

How To Nurture Better Communication With Children


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