School Start Times – Later is Best!

Eurocentric systems — there are times and places where they are appropriate; however they should not always be considered set in stone for all areas — especially in today’s constant changing society.

Public Education Systems have historically been both implemented and practiced on a static foundation of top-down, dictated curriculum, and for the purpose of this writing, set with specific start/end times of instruction (usually 8-8:30am). This may have been the ideal time slot 100 years ago but as with most “static” situations it is time to challenge the way things were and implement change that makes sense to current situational needs.

I am the first to admit that no matter what system you either follow or create there will always be room for improvement; however, when one has authority to control systemic change within acceptable reason then it should be a monitoring priority that leaders undertake to ensure change is maximized to increase success. The article below provides a seed for discussion that those of influence should collaborate in depth for both consideration and implementation — general theme of this piece is later school start times is best for student learning/success.

In the past “the man” created schedules and systems to accommodate the priorities of the system…today we (leaders) need to shift the system to accommodate the needs…and in this case it is about what we can do to better serve our student learning outcomes.

What are your thoughts around school start times in your community situation? If it’s a reasonable environment to implement change connect with your Superintendent and Board Chair — plant the seed for collaboration!

Delaying School Start Times Gives Students Better Chance of Success

I read another article today (Jan 26th) that supports later start times as well…it’s not rocket science folks…it’s just good servant leadership practice to do what’s right for student success. Wouldn’t you do it if you knew that your son or daughter would benefit from such a change?

Healthier, Fitter, and more Productive Students


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