Depression In Teens – Do You Monitor?

I do not know how many times I have said this over the years, but I know today will not be the last time…RELATIONSHIPS FOLKS…RELATIONSHIPS!

If we trained to focus our attention on the child from the start and let this be the guide for creating the foundational priorities for his/her school year I would estimate that the number of those who fall through the social/emotional cracks would decrease substantially each year. We would be better prepared to meet the needs from the start thereby being proactive rather than reactive to needs such as depression.

The stakeholders that I primarily represent unfortunately fall through the cracks of the system more often than others. Relationships that are built on values of trust, compassion, communication, and advocacy can overcome all challenges over time…the system must champion the change to adapt to the needs of the student and not expect the student to adapt to the system.

The article below is meant to support parents; however, as educators we tend to spend more time with the children than the parents do at home during the week, and as such, we should be monitoring social and emotional signs of depression as well.

If I was asked what is more important to me…the relationship my child has with those at school or the content they are required to learn from teachers my response without hesitation is relationship. Information and facts can be learned anytime, but a relationship that can help overcome life’s challenges is far more important in my view.

Keep it Real Folks!

How To Monitor Mental State Of Your Kids

I read an article this morning that relates to this post…here is a link that presents a few ways one can manage stress related to depression:

How To Manage Stress – A Few Suggestions


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