Learning vs Education – What Is Your School’s Focus?

Education may not always be fun but learning should always be exciting! Educators who can differentiate between the two and who consciously create lessons knowing this are the educators I want teaching my child. I encourage you to bring this up with your local PAC and/or School Board and ask them to provide support to those who may need assistance. Presenting solutions to a challenge creates positive dialogue.

While not to be an independent conclusion one gauge that can used to measure this at the high school level is to monitor your child’s attendance for each course (usually stated on report card). If you notice a high number of unexcused absences in one or more courses it can suggest a low engaging environment. You do not need letters behind your name to understand this…I f something is fun and exciting it is more likely people will want to stay to take part and less likely they will take off to avoid it.

Learning Matters More Than Education


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