Project Based Learning…What’s the Problem?

When I entered the education system close to 15 years ago with my newly earned B.Ed Degree I admit there was a sense of disappointment as the system did not seem that different from when I was a student in K-12….desks in rows, textbooks, worksheets, quizzes/tests regurgitating classroom instruction, and little to no choice in achieving learning outcomes. Post-Secondary training was teaching us newbies Project Based Learning Strategies but there was little to no evidence of its existence in the system, and sadly I share, there are too many classrooms today that still resemble this environment. The Fins, who are considered leaders in the education field, have mastered Project Based Learning where teaching to the child has been replaced with teaching for the child and for some reason we are failing to meet the changing environment. 

So what’s the problem?

In short the problem is not the problem….the problem is the lack of energy and focus on the solution. In the end it’s both the educators and the system who need to adapt and embrace the changing pedagogy. If the teachers are not conforming then it’s time to state direction…if the system lacks the needed support then it’s time to feed the cause.

The Fins have proved success…it’s evidence that it is possible…time to make it real in our system just as we would strive to do for our own children.

Project Based Learning….Make It Happen


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