What does an “Effective” teacher look like?

I, like others, interpret many things through experience as my personal understanding will help define the reality in a way that will make sense to me. I, again like others, will use a dictionary from time to time to help guide this personal processing and today I found myself exploring the internet for the definition of “Effective” to compliment the article I read this morning (link below).

Here are 2 definitions of “Effective” that popped up first:

  1. successful in producing a desired or intended result
  2. a soldier fit and available for service

The first one listed above, at least to me, is the flavour of the definition that tends to guide my interpretation most often…it is how I usually define my own reality when I use the term. Today I reflect on the second definition as I’m not accustomed to processing it in this manner; however, perhaps this is the way we should be using the term when it comes to those who are with our children for most of the day?

Is your child’s teacher “a soldier fit and available for service” who will endure all challenges and who will relentlessly support, strategize, and advocate to ensure your child will reach the desired benchmarks each year?

Time for me to reflect some more…

7 Traits of Effective Teachers


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