BC Aboriginal Education Report

This week the Auditor General of British Columbia, Carol Bellringer, released her audited report of the Education of Aboriginal Students in the BC Public School System. The findings come to no surprise for many Aboriginal families, especially for those who reside in First Nation Communities, as the success gap between Aboriginal and Non-Aboriginal learners remains wide . The general theme of the report suggests a lack of both Accountability and Leadership within the system are the reasons for static results.

A few positive things to note:

  • All Stakeholders acknowledge “The Gap” remains, including the Ministry of Education, and they recognize there is still much work to be done to address it
  • The Auditor General’s recommendations are fairly specific and there are now means to measure accountability on results.
  • There are many resources within the system intended to increase Aboriginal Success…This Report will now serve as the measurement tool that will hold School Districts Accountable to the Resources.

I could not be any more pleased knowing this report is now in play for stakeholders to utilize when discussing the difficult topics, but more importantly stakeholders can now use this report as the primary tool when creating successful Aboriginal Programs in all District’s of the province to target the “gaps” that exsist.


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