Have You Connected With Your Child’s School This Year?

Last week I met with all high school teachers who teach my children. There are many reasons why I wanted to meet them but the primary reason was to show my children I am invested in their education and that I will advocate relentlessly for them in times of need. I leave the day-to-day business of communication and problem solving with my children and only step in if they have exhausted all means to resolve matters on their own with no success. One of the secondary reasons I meet with teachers is to get to know the individuals who spend much of the day with my children. Teachers tend to use these meetings to discuss academic status, challenges, and strengths….which is good stuff on its own…but I personally come away knowing a little more about the teacher as a person….the benefit here is when I discuss school with my children I get to utilize the connections I have made with teachers to better assist needs that pop up at home.

If you’re unable to make it in to your child’s school have an advocate, a friend, or other family member make the connection on your behalf.

Keep it real Folks and happy connecting!


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