Lifelong Learning — How Do You Model It?

How often do you hear the phrase “I am a lifelong learner” or something similar to this statement? As adults we might be able to pick up on what this means or what it even looks like, but chances are a child would not have any idea of what you are talking about…why…because they have not seen others who clearly wear this identify therefore do not know what it looks like and also children are less likely to know how to become one because they have never been taught the skills to experience the journey.

The next time you hear someone say “I am a lifelong learner” hold them accountable and ask them to tell you what this means and what evidence they can provide you to back up their statement. The statement sounds positive, and even makes a person look keen to exploration, but without the evidence to show what it looks like it is just a fictitious sentence that holds no weight or credibility at all.

This article provides a few examples of what “lifelong learning” might look like:

Five Ways You Can Learn Something Today!

Keep It Real Folks!


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