Human and Economic Capacity — What Is Your Status?

Over the past few months there have been numerous Aboriginal related matters of significant importance take place: The Truth and Reconciliation Commission Report and Recommendations, The National Aboriginal Economic Development Board Report and Recommendations, The Growing Up in BC Report and Recommendations, Council of Ministers of Education Meeting at NWT (Recommendations), AFN Annual General Assembly at Montreal (Resolutions and Reports), Premiers Summer Meeting at Goose Bay (Outcomes & Initiatives), and BC Govt Funding allocated towards Trades/Training for Post-Secondary Education in BC. I’m sure there are more to mention depending on where you are located in Canada but these are the ones that have crossed the trail of my journey during this time.

The themes that spark interest to me are the numerous recommendations and forward thinking strategies that need implemented to create positive opportunities; however it has been my experience that the focus on challenges rather than solutions takes place around the circles too often and this in turn takes away the focus and energy for productivity to occur. Leaders must use their influential skills to keep Stakeholders focused on results-based initiatives to ensure barriers are not overcoming internal capacity with Aboriginal communities.

If we focus on capacity (human and economic) and incorporate education, training, and self-sufficient foundations into our strategic plans then the goals and outcomes we focus on will naturally reduce unemployment rates, high-school dropout rates, incarceration rates, social services dependancy, and youth affiliation to drugs, gangs, and prostitution.

What is your Community Status?


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