Google use during Exams — Time to Reflect!

If education systems today are still discussing “outcomes” as specific items and have not yet began the transformation towards themes or competencies to measure student success they should strongly consider changing their journey as the current trail is a thing of the past. Those who have made the transformation, or have started the process towards this practice, often consider themselves as educators who facilitate and guide student learning — replacing the previous practice of lecturing facts and measuring success on regurgitation of information.

If questions are designed correctly I would buy-in to this practice with no hesitation. The key factor is having the education system prepare students properly in order to make this practice effective. Empowering students to take ownership of their learning and providing effective opportunities to use technology in meaningful ways is a thing of the present…if your system is not prepared to change you will be the minority amongst others in the future.

As the article states this is unlikely to see wheels anytime in the immediate future, but with competency based curriculum—finally 🙂 —becoming more applied within he system this summative assessment practice may arrive sooner than expected. Again, I welcome it as I believe the system is more of a facilitator and guide to learning nowadays…regurgitating information is a thing of the past!

Should Students Be Allowed To Use Google During Exams?


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