Homework or No Homework?

If you follow me on Twitter you already know I am not the biggest fan who supports “homework” assignments. I am aware there will be time when students NEED to do some work at home, but this should only be occurring when it’s to tweak assignments and/or projects that have primarily been allotted significant class time with a teacher…especially for those in K-7 settings. Once a student reaches middle or secondary school I can see a need to enhance mastery of subject matter, and as such, providing students with some homework at this level makes sense; however when you’re young and naturally wired to explore and connect with your environment why throw a pen and paper in their hand and tell them this is more important than learning how we fit in with our surroundings?

I recently made a trip to the NWT and learned more from a Chief than he probably realizes. His dedication towards his community and his perseverance to both remind and teach the importance of the land to all ages was just another reminder to me that there is more important things to life than following a Eurocentric lead. We need to find our connections to our natural environment and not fall victim to a trail that has no real significance to our being. Connecting with our wired emotions does not include homework or busywork for young children….my view anyway!

Here’s another article for debate….

What Happens When An Elementary School Abolishes Homework?


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