Success…It’s Not About Chasing An Academic Percentage!

Do you remember the grade you received on that science project you worked on in grade 8, the math test on fractions in elementary school, or Chapter 4 of any textbook in high-school? For most of us the answer would be a confident “no”, so why does the education system and most of society put such pressure on students to chase a grade and define individual’s success with a percentage?

I’m not suggesting benchmarks and standards within the system are worthless, but I am suggesting the system has an opportunity to refocus efforts to enhance success for youth. If schools replace the priority of academic standings with relationships and social well-being for students and other stakeholders I believe we would see “success” reach new levels…especially for students we believe are at risk.

Let’s start sharing this with our stakeholders and encourage collaboration initiatives to refocus our definitions of success in the education system!


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